Have you got a Christmas Family Tradition?

What is you're Christmas Family Tradition? 

As and adult remembering your Childhood Christmas, you don't think of presents or how much something cost, you remember those special memories that you and your family have created. 

That Christmas Tradition that happens every year which you take into your adult life and into your own family. How long have your Traditions been going and how much longer can they keep happening? Its special and should be created from generation too generation. 

Whether its the traditional breakfast you always have, the routine of Christmas Eve, the Boxing Day beach walk or an afternoon board game. Those are what your Children will remember...

Christmas Eve Pyjamas are a lovely memory to have within your family. To get them bathed, into new nightwear, ready for that Christmas Story before you leave a mince pie and carrot out ready for that magical morning ahead.  Knowing they are all cosy in there Pyjamas ready to greet the gifts Santa has left. 

Happy Christmas, Making memories! 

 Christmas Pyjamas


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