Christmas is Magical when you have Children in your Family!

Can you believe its December already. It comes round so quickly for us Adults, but for Children it is a lifetime! 

Christmas is so magical for little ones, the first door to be open on the 1st of December, the handmade Christmas crafts at school, visiting Santa in your local garden centre, putting those family hand down baubles on the tree. It is pure magical and something that lights us adults up inside when you see the magic in their eyes. 

The Kellogg's advert really brings to life the joy of Christmas time for little ones, and I bet you can still feel what it was like to still believe. 

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Im not sure about you but Christmas Eve memories for me does make me think of Pyjamas and Nighties, I remember getting ready for bed all excited, you wake up in the early morning to feel a weight at the end of the bed and thats the moment you realise that Santa has been. Your Stocking!

I bet we can all recall the moment we open that living room door and seeing your pillow case filled with shiny wrapped gifts! 

 Christmas Eve i know has become a tradition to get family matching or new nighties and pyjamas to really feel that start of excitement and love. 

Christmas is family and warmth. 

Best Wishes

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