What are Merino, Mohair and Cashmere?

At Classic Cotton, as well as offering the highest-quality nightwear we also have a range of stunning Mohair and Merino/Cashmere throws

Our beautiful collection, available in a range of colours, are perfect for taking the chill out of those early-summer evenings, or keeping little ones warm at bedtime. 

But what exactly are Mohair, Merino and Cashmere? Where do they come from? Here, we take a look at the three types of yarn and explain a little about where they come from. 

Mohair: Soft and silk-like

Mohair is a yarn or fabric made from the coats of Angora goats. One of the most prized natural fibres, it is used to make a range of garments, accessories and upholstery. 

The origins of Angora goats can be traced back to the Turkish city of Ankara, but this type of goat is now common across the world. 

Our mohair throws are expertly woven by Bronte by Moon, a company based in Yorkshire that operates one of the last surviving vertical woollen mills in the UK. 

We provide ourselves on selling only the finest quality products, and by sourcing them from England we are able to do exactly that. 

Merino: Lightweight and warm

Merino wool comes from a species of sheep of the same name, and is known for its warmth, breathability and softness on the skin. 

Our Merino and Cashmere blended throws are surprisingly lightweight for how warm they are, making them perfect for cosying up as the sun goes down after a warm summer's day. 

Consisting of 95% Merino and 5% Cashmere, our throws are made in Ireland by John Hanly, a weavers that has been operating since 1893. 

Cashmere: The jewel in the crown of fabrics

Cashmere, obtained from a select few types of goat found primarily in China and Mongolia, is regarded as one of the finest fabrics in the world. 

The finest quality Cashmere is said to come from goats found in Inner Mongolia, as the cold climate of the Himalayas prompts them to grow longer and finer coats. 

This helps to make our throws as soft, warm and comforting as they are, and they're available in a range of stunning colours. 


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