Making the most of the early summer evenings

As the days get longer and spring turns to summer, evenings bring a welcome change in temperature. 

While the afternoons bask in warmth, evenings often usher in a cool breeze that leaves you reaching for a light layer. 

This is where our throws come in handy. Our range of Merino/Cashmere and Mohair throws are perfect for keeping you warm as the sun sets. 

More than just a winter staple

Merino, Mohair and Cashmere are all known for their warming properties, but they aren't just valuable in winter. 

The breathability of both Merino and Mohair wool ensures that you will stay cosy without overheating, keeping you comfortable on those evenings that start warm and turn cool. 

Lightweight luxury

Unlike bulky winter throws, our throws are incredibly lightweight. The fine fibres create a luxurious throw that feels soft and gentle on the skin. 

Merino is naturally hypoallergenic and odour-resistant, making it ideal for those that suffer with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Effortless style

Both of our types of throw are available in a range of stunning patterns and colours, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. 

Whether draped over a patio chair or tossed on a garden bench, our throws instantly elevate your summer evenings. 

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