What are the benefits of a good bedtime routine?

bedtime routine

If you have young children, the chances are you’re pretty strict about their bedtime routine. A carefully orchestrated schedule of baths, snacks, reading and lights out is generally set in stone, and you wouldn’t dream of deviating from it – you’re afraid of the consequences! In fact, setting a firm routine for young children has been clinically proven to help development and wellbeing in early childhood.

In contrast, as soon as we become adults the concept of routine generally goes out of the window. There’s often so much to cram into each evening that you find everyday tasks spilling over into time that should be spent winding down. Did you know, though, that lack of a regular routine at bedtime is just as bad for adults as it is for children?

Creatures of habit 

While of course it’s fine to have the odd night off a routine, our brains find it much easier to go into ‘sleep mode’ if they know roughly when to expect it. Humans are creatures of habit and performing the same tasks in the same order each night will help put us in the right frame of mind for a restful night.

Getting into a routine 

Finding the right bedtime routine for you might involve a little trial and error! First of all, decide on a set bedtime and waking-up time and stick to them as much as possible – yes, even at the weekends. Then, around 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, start your routine. Turn off any electronic devices and do something calming instead – whether that’s meditation, reading, gentle stretching or listening to relaxing music.

If you can, putting your pyjamas on at a set stage of the proceedings will help to switch you from ‘day mode’ to ‘sleep mode’ and boost your chances of a good nights sleep. 

Comfort is key

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