What are the benefits of being fashionable?

benefits of being fashionable

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? If so, then you’re not on your own – fashion has been a ‘thing’ for centuries, probably since as a species we first discovered that some animal skins looked better on us than others! Being fashionable was vitally important for most generations, as it was a way of showing off your position in society rather than your personal taste. In the 18th century, extravagant French Queen Marie Antoinette set a new standard for over-the-top dressing and she was also the pioneer of ‘underwear as outerwear’. She was often portrayed wearing a loose dress of white muslin, which became known the chemise á la reine and was widely copied. The advent of ‘ready-to-wear’ in the mid-19th century made fashionable dressing more accessible to those on a lower budget. Fashion took off and hasn’t stopped since.

Dressing for status

While humans first adopted clothing for warmth and protection, it almost immediately began to serve other purposes as well. Roman togas were clear status symbols and were an immediate indicator of the wearer’s rank and status. A purple stripe on the toga meant the wearer was a member of the Roman Senate, while a particularly long and ornate toga indicated someone of wealth and refinement.

Dressing for happiness

From society ladies wearing haute couture to businessmen wearing suits, we still continue to associate certain clothing with specific things. In modern times, we have a greater choice of fabric, pattern, colour and style than ever before, so we can let our individual taste have free rein. Interestingly, a new trend for 2022 is ‘dopamine dressing’. This is new terminology for something most of us already knew – wearing the right clothes can make you happy!

According to Shakaila Forbes-Bell, fashion psychologist and founder of Fashion is Psychology, when you wear clothes that make you feel confident, happy and empowered, they can act as armour, shielding you from negative feelings and experiences. Professor Karen Pine, from the University of Hertfordshire, agrees. In 2012 she carried out a study into the idea of ‘dopamine dressing’ and found that when the participants wore clothes that were special to them in some way, their self confidence increased.

Fashionable nightwear

In short, if you look good, you can feel good – and that extends to nightwear. Changing into a crisp, beautiful nightgown at bedtime will lift your spirits and help to define the progression from day to night. Psychologically, you’ll be looking forward to putting on your nightwear and will go to bed in a more relaxed frame of mind. Remember that your nightwear should be practical as well as beautiful – this is one area where you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for fashion! Avoid anything too tight or made of non-breathable fabric. Our range of pure cotton nightwear is the perfect choice- lightweight, breathable and comfortable (oh, and fashionable).

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