Whatever happened to breakfast in bed?


breakfast in bed

Every special occasion used to start with breakfast in bed, whether that meant champagne and fresh orange juice or a rack of inexpertly cut toast.

Fallen out of fashion

These days, breakfast in bed seems to have fallen out of fashion and eating in bedrooms has apparently become the sole preserve of unsociable teenagers. We are not sure why this happened, but we do think it is time to bring back this most self-indulgent of treats – the perfect antidote to rushed snacks and takeaway coffee eaten on the train, or (gasp!) no breakfast at all.


breakfast in bed

To take someone the perfect breakfast in bed is to tell them that you love and appreciate them – and that they have got a morning off! For the perfect treat, we recommend that you serve up finger food such as tiny, perfect miniature croissants or bitesize pieces of fruit. Anything too messy or with too much liquid needs too much in the way of concentration! Remember you will also need a large, sturdy tray, a proper cloth napkin and a bud vase of flowers if you are going to do it properly.

The perfect partner

If you are lucky enough to be the recipient of the feast, then our Classic Cotton nightwear makes the perfect partner! It is crisp, cool, smart and comfortable and will help make your morning off even more special. Bon appetit!

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