Why you should be reading your children bedtime stories

why you should be reading your children bedtime stories

Many of us have special memories of being read to by our parents when we were little and want to carry the tradition with our own children. Modern life can be so hectic, though, that it’s often hard to find the time. We might be tempted to wonder if it’s really that important if we skip a few nights. Well, according to research, the bedtime story could be one of the most important parts of your child’s day. Here’s why.

  • It creates a bond. Most children love having a parent all to themselves for half an hour – perhaps the only time in the day this happens. Children look forward to story time as part of their bedtime routine and it’s the perfect time to relax and hear about their day.
  • It boosts imagination. Reading to your child is scientifically proven to spark imagination in a way that TV doesn’t. They may have lots of questions about the book, and that’s a sign of an enquiring mind hungry for new information.
  • It improves vocabulary. You may think that if you’re the one doing the reading then your child won’t be learning, but in fact story time increases children’s vocabulary and helps foster a love of books. If you come across a word that your child hasn’t heard before, show it to them on the page and practice saying it together.
  • It helps build empathy. Books are an important tool in helping children learn about the world around them. By learning about fictional characters going through certain situations, it helps them to process their own feelings when they encounter those situations for themselves or have friends going through something similar.

To get the most out of your time together, make story time an occasion that your child looks forward to every night. Putting them into a favourite pair of pyjamas helps establish the right mindset – you could even put yours on, as well! If you’re feeling creative then incorporate your child’s favourite toy, such as a doll or wooden soldier into the story for a personalised touch. If you have a little more time at weekends then character voices and props always go down well. To create the perfect story time atmosphere, take a look at our range of pyjamas for boys and girls. Our traditional toys are great for inspiration, as well.

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